Althea Andros
Andros maisonettes
stone built maisonettes, infinite sea view,
comfort and calm, in the heart of Andros.

Combining the endless blue sea and freeing our senses to travel, we give life to the Andros stones, with which we built the maisonettes and created a sense of calm,
calm, safety and warmth.

We chose to build a space where we can allow ourselves to understand the real meaning of “vacation”, and enjoy Andros’ traditions and welcoming spirit.

“We invite you to visit Andros. Get acquainted with the island we chose to make our home. Take in all its beauty, Andros is stunning! Althea Andros maisonettes is a hosting space we created with care and passion. It will be our pleasure to be your hosts and enjoy our comforts! At Althea tradition meets modern amenities and offers you relaxing moments. Wonderful sunrise, unique sunset, endless view of the Aegean Sea and if you are lucky you can enjoy a full moon illuminating the sea and islands even from the comfort of your bedroom.

We are a family business, Althea was built with unique architecture, combining Andros stonework and modern amenities, in a complex of six autonomous traditional maisonettes in Aprovato, near Batsi, the tourism heart of Andros. At a height of 220 m and only 700 m from the sea which gives it its unique vantage point over the Aegean Sea and nearby islands.

τοποθεσία Απροβάτο Άνδρου

Aprovato is located just 2,5 km from Batsi. The village is built from sea level and nearly reaches Kouvara, one of the highest points of the Andros.

The village is split in Ano and Kato (upper and lower) Aprovato and has two parishes Agios Dimitrios and Agios Antonios.

Rich flora and many water springs give Aprovato its green colour on the mountainside. It is dotted with many old homes, mills and pigeon towers with a beautiful view of the sea.
It is located on the west side of the island and boasts excellent climate and low humidity.

Andros Routes trail number 9 runs through Aprovato and connects it to Batsi, Pitrofos, Strapouries, Lamyra and ends in Chora.

The view from Althea

Aegean Sea and nearby islands:

  • Kea
  • Kythnos
  • Syros
  • Gyaros

the Gavrionisia Islands are 7 small islands belonging to Andros municipality:

  • Edapso
  • Plaka
  • Tourlitis
  • Lagonisi
  • Prasso
  • Makedonas
  • Kapititas

From our side verandas one can see Batsi, its illuminated view in the evening is especially pretty. Also the mountains overlooking Gavrio and Evoia island are visible.

Ypsili geometric settlement archaelogical site is situated right below Althea and is open to the public for a visit.