How to get to Althea!

From the port of Rafina, Athens' airport is a mere 20 minutes away. There is a ferry multiple times a day, on a daily basis, for the entire tourist season until the end of September. Your trip is easy and comfortable and you'll be arriving at Andros' port within 2 hours. Moreover, there is a daily connection with the islands Tinos and Mykonos

Althea's location

The distance from Andros' main port is just 12km to Althea luxury apartments, and 20km to the island's main city. Althea is conveniently located in the middle of Andros, with a 5km distance to the island's most popular tourist centre, Mpatsi. Althea has immediate access to some spectacular beaches, with Agia Marina at a close 2km and Agia Eleousa 1.5km away.


  • Aprovato, Andros, Cyclades
  • +30 22820 42404, +30697 9091997